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The Oneness of Purpose: A Human of Honor (1/2)

At some point in everyone’s life, there is a moment of deep thinking.

“Where am I now?”

“What led me to be in this situation?”

At the particular moment when these thoughts occur, memories, emotions, come from our hearts – not our minds (as we tend to believe). In this very special moment, you receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I refer to as: “The Call of the Lord.” And from His Call, a new #decisionmaking process stems.

In that moment, God wants to reawaken your emotions, senses, and heart, to demystify your behaviors and actions within the world as you know it – the human-made version. The call is to restore your original identity of being humane and restore your soul’s attachment to transcendent values. In order to seize this moment correctly, your conscience must govern your decision and choice – rather than the mainstream societal culture – which stands at odds with your original meaningful identity.

The ‘Cultural Myopia’: Our Cultural Shortsightedness Causes And Effects

The ‘cultural myopia’ of individualism has shaped ourselves, families and society members. That myopia, or shortsightedness, is now embedded into public institutions such as schools, universities and corporations. Cultural myopia profoundly impacts ones behavior and identity, ultimately shaping decision-making elements which lack spirituality, like cost-benefit analysis, and consumerism.

Institutional Framework:

Societal institutions such as schools, universities and corporations are not intended to promote a society of virtue or respect, meaningful identity, or to foster an environment which maintains cohesiveness and harmony amongst the people. Instead, these institutions create dualism in social and economic areas like agency and structure, micro and macroeconomics. This ‘cultural myopia’ exists because of our blinded hearts that follow primarily wealth-seeking, worldly desires.

This has replaced our original meaningful identity with a worldly, synthetic identity.

This identity is characterized by showing deference and obedience to the rules of societal institutions. It leads to the influence of masses – directing their daily behavior and actions through a life-long exploitation called “employment”.

The worldly synthetic identity has led to the exploitation of talents and skills in order to maximize #shareholdervalue and promote related strategies and programs that support its perpetuation. This setup does not concern itself with environmental, societal, economical or moral problems – rather externalizes the costs of this structure to the government – instilling a fear of tomorrow in the masses.

These institutions are designed to ensure that those involved are stripped from morals and afterlife value. They embrace and support only other like-minded institutions whose purposes are governed by soulless, apathetical policies. None of which serve the people, but rather owners and financiers.

The Humane Design:

The man-made apathetical institutional design subdues our natural humane, moral, religious and soul-related motivators. They do not value familial or social relationships or humanity. The only way to break free is by reconnecting with the way our God would want us to live – our ONEness of Purpose.

The teachings of our Creator inspire us, widening our hearts and souls to create purpose. This purpose allows us to design our institutional vision, practices, and policies with God in mind – ultimately leading us to feel peace within our souls.

“Surely my Prayer, all my acts of worship, and my living and my dying are for Allah alone, the Lord of the whole universe. (6:162)”

My Living includes leisure time and workplace time!

My Dying means share of the inheritance to be allocated to the needy

I put together a pyramid which I named as “The Oneness of Purpose pyramid” to help you pinpoint where you stand in your life and how can you achieve a purpose-filled, humane, lifestyle.

The “ONEness of purpose’: The what’s and the how

The “Oneness of Purpose” pyramid stages describe how we, through our dualistic personal identities, have allowed ourselves to exist in a soulless social environment created by decision makers. The current setup serves only self-interests resulting from cultural myopia. It has degraded our real spiritual needs and communal attachments. This is why we do not have a more cooperative social setup.

The pyramid also shows how a “Call of the Lord” moment can reawaken our dormant souls’ needs. Once awakened, it will enable us to shape and implement purpose-driven workplace strategies. These new strategies will allow each of us to achieve a tranquil soul, be useful to others in our lifetime, and satisfy both spiritual and materialistic living needs with pride and be on the dual life right track.

The goal of the Oneness of Purpose pyramid is to engine your own “Call of the Lord”

 The Pyramid Lower Stage: (The Starting Point That We All Share)

In fulfilling worldly desires, people tend to follow in the footsteps of their parents, institutionally accepted behaviors learned in schools, universities and corporations. We are then presented with the options ranging from employment to entrepreneurship following the 5/2 work/leisure principle. The goal at this stage is to earn as much money as possible to fulfill our endless individualistic self-interests (utilitarianism) through consumerism. This is not conducive to a healthy soul and afterlife.

Fulfilling necessities shouldn’t be a life-goal. Breathing is necessary to keep us alive, but breathing is never anyone’s life-goal.

The general public and institutional owners have mistakenly accepted and perpetuated the idea that profit-seeking activities are meant to be the life-goal. #Corporatepropaganda has rhetorically promoted the necessities of their products to customers, seeking to achieve their personal prestige and career egoism. This is done in exchange for the highest possible price to satisfy the profit maximization corporate motive. This consumerism culture has intensified the idea that money is increasingly becoming indispensable in fulfilling individual desires.

The Pyramid Second Stage: (Meaningful Life Attachments)

As time goes on, despite all the materialistic products that we possess, we realize that we are missing something emotional or spiritual in our lives. We look for something meaningful in our day-to-day activities. We begin to evaluate options, usually choosing to spend our time at work, or trying to achieve a work-family balance. Some choose to donate their time or money to charity. Careerism turns out to be the most preferred option, as time spent at work is linked to generating money.

The Pyramid Third Stage: (Peak Of Value Conflict)

Being here is a direct result of the absence of day-to-day meaningful activities that satisfy the dormant needs of our soul. This lifestyle, including the workplace, triggers our conscience to question our current status. Through this internal reflection, we hear the long-awaited moment – the Call of the Lord. This can happen at any stage in one’s life.

The Call is the ‘voice of truth’ in your heart which eventually leads to an inner conflict resulting from the ingrained attachment to careerism and the growing awareness of its triviality. It may result in the reflection and concern over the dedication of a lifetime to work activities at the expense of time spent with family. Perhaps one experiences a feeling of a “spiritual void” in those of us with a moral and religious background – discovering how they have strayed from the path to achieving their afterlife goals.

In this stage, we realize our need for new cultural elements that could rescue us from a meaningless life. These new elements would satisfy our thirst for transcendental values, meaningful workplace goals, policies and procedures of a humane design.

The strength to pursue this sought-after change can be derived from learning a new nontraditional culture you are not yet exposed to. Its fundamental and sublime values form through replying to the inner voice, asking for guidance through prayer, from your Creator. It is your Creator who awakens the inner voice to enlighten your heart to the righteous path and course of action in your remaining lifetime.

 The Pyramid APEX: (Transcendent values)

Having your prayers answered by ‘THE NEAR’ GOD or knowing the new virtuous way of living and embracing it, is the ultimate precious blessing in life. The blessing is realizing you are on the wrong path and have the will to choose a different course of action, regardless of the majority choice, and choosing to find the group of people who share the same ideology as the Oneness of Purpose.

The ONEness of Purpose is a wholesome lifestyle approach which governs your workplace, reading, daily habits, financial habits, etc. The realization that your heart, senses, and money is owned by your Creator, and that your role is to be a steward of God. You are entrusted with using the gift of your life, heart, body, mind and money as efficiently as possible.

Vigilance, responsibility and commitment are needed to be GOD’s advocate and true guardian in the economic context. The more we ascend the stages of the pyramid, the fewer people elected by God are in the apex. Here you will be a wise ‘cultural builder’ instead of a mere follower or subordinate to the ‘cultural myopia’ creators’. And guess what you will be enjoying too.

In short,  #ONEnessofpurpose pyramid calls each individual to empower himself with a humane visionary culture, #ONEnessofpurpose pyramid is the alt #Maslow pyramid, that supports a trivial individualistic self-centered ‘myopia culture’. 

Let’s enjoy being a human of honor with ONEness of purpose. And I will be more than happy to discuss how we can reach the apex together.

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