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#ONEnessofpurpose: Discover your inner power (2/2)

Discover your inner power via the Power Matrix

I want to thank all who have tuned in to my previous article; your valuable interaction and feedback regarding the #ONEnessofpurpose have been splendid. Whether you contacted me through the survey at the bottom of the article or directly, your thoughts and opinions were priceless!

For those who haven’t yet read my previous article, the “ONEness of purpose” aims to provide a new non-traditional verity that we need more than ever before, to realize the purpose of our existence. This will allow us to shape our workplace behaviors and to do business intellectually.

It is important not only for people who lack confidence in themselves and believe they are suffering from a “midlife crisis,” but for those who wish to learn about a new cultural framework. Specifically, people who want to find their voice, make better decisions at work and seek the right “Power Matrix” in their daily lives.

This Power Matrix is ideal for energetic souls who are seeking firm control over their efforts and life choices. Whether they are currently working in corporations, as entrepreneurs, c-suite or managerial level and below, people can find a new path that satisfies a purpose-filled and meaningful identity.

The non-traditional conceptual framework behind the “ONEness of Purpose” verity is spiritual, thus intellectually intense – so let’s dive in with a business example to warm up.

A) The Framework of Modern Complex Products

In our daily lives, we buy products to make life easier or to give us a sense of added value, for example, electronic devices or cars. We pay hefty sums to get these types of items, and marketers ensure they are at the forefront of what we see and hear daily. We do not consider that these are very complex items with interconnected parts containing advanced systems that use electricity, sensory systems, and even a “brain.” With electronics, the “brain” would be the motherboard, or in a car, it would be the engine.

These sophisticated products appeal to us and operate efficiently, but the producers of these items must sell them with a manual to explain how to use them properly, or how to realize the purpose of this product’s existence. Most importantly, it is imperative that manufacturers maintain these items.

B) A Visionary Outlook Is A Prerequisite To Complex Product Manufacturing

Let’s discuss how complex worldly products such as smartphones are designed to exist by worldly visionaries to turn a profit for their manufacturers.

Worldly Visionary people come up with ideas for complex products assuming they appeal to people and will benefit them in some way. They compile product teams and developers with specialized knowledge in a wide range of disciplines like programming, technology, engineering and IT, utilizing their collective cognitive abilities to produce these products.

During the project, the team collectively shares a profit maximization goal, without caring to educate customers on how to morally use this product and avoid detrimental consequences. They produce low-end, mid-range, and high-end models to generate the maximum possible revenue from each item.

C) The Cultural Myopia Brief

What about us?

“Who is our CREATOR?”

What is His purpose for creating us?

And more importantly are we conforming to it?

The answers to these questions were the core of Noah’s message and the subsequent messengers, mainly Isaiah (شعيب عليه السلام). However, they have been suppressed by sarcasm; creation of double and dualistic beliefs; rejection; by the killing of believers; and ultimately by controlling of people’s cultures.

People in power, theologians, philosophers, and even Maslow have tried to provide an alternative “myopia culture,” void of humanism, personal vision, purpose, mission or values. They have deprived people of the need to control their desire and allowed unrestricted liberties to propagate dualistic theologies in addition to achieve personal desire under the guise of “individual rights.” In early 17th century Europe, it allowed the merchant classes to set the theology that allows the poor to regard their state as a moral failing to be condemned, and in riches, not an object of suspicion – but the blessing which rewards the triumph of energy and will. In addition, to take over the clergy wealth, accumulate and enclose lands and ensure trade barriers for new entrants.

This inevitably resulted in an uncooperative social setup. Instead of cooperation, we have egoism and individualism that shapes human behaviors.

D) The Visionary Non-Traditional Conceptual Framework

Before getting to the core of the Visionary Non-Traditional Conceptual Framework, we must first appreciate our spiritual and physical existence. We should all regard ourselves as highest-end products of our CREATOR, but for the right reasons. Each one owes his purpose of existence to the CREATOR. We should be grateful for our existence and reciprocate this creation and abundant bounties acting as stewards to the CREATOR in His kingdom.

We are not products of the evolution theory. Each one of us is the creation of our GOD. The Bestower of Forms who with his all-round specialized knowledge, unlike the incomplete humans who require collective efforts to complement their ignorance for the sake of producing one complex product from scratch. Our CREATOR alone has created all of us throughout the ages, while surprisingly each one of us has a distinctive identity with similar, however complex, interconnected biological, physiological and psychological systems. These systems integrate and function together as one whole. No single system can say it is essential than the other, threaten to quit or negotiate a higher rank than other systems.

All systems, organs, and beings are submissive and humble to its CREATOR and cannot expect any bonuses for relentless performance.

We cannot achieve a state of well-being unless we embrace a personal visionary culture. This is because our spiritual existence is intended to be forever – unlike our physical existence, which will perish at the end of our earthly lifetime.

This lifetime represents just a minor part of our infinite existence. We must quickly and efficiently learn what is beneficial about ourselves, deciding on our visionary culture. This includes our worldly purpose, values, mission, and metrics to measure our progress to be able to achieve our after-life vision.

It is critical to realize our interconnected systems are secondary to our spiritual drivers like emotions, feelings, sentiments, motives, drive, and will. These spiritual drivers grow and mature by acquiring beneficial knowledge of controlling and reducing our worldly attachments.

Our CREATOR has defined our purpose of existence and pinpointed that our “engine” is our heart, representing the intersection of the body and our decision-making, willful power. This is where the spirit and soul override the body and materialistic pursuits.

The CREATOR has designed dual built-in maintenance features. We have our immune system for our physical body and our conscience for preserving and nurturing our spiritual drivers in a healthy way. Nonetheless, humans are weak. Our worldly pursuits will inevitably lead us to sin. However, we must be armed with the power of sincere repentance to our LORD. Beneficial Knowledge will make us aware of our sins and repentance will wipe them away instantly. We can then cleanse and regenerate our spirituality without awaiting supernatural events.

“The Call of LORD” moment represents a direct connection with the CREATOR, which would empower the recipient with new life insights. It could be a gift bestowed to anyone. The CREATOR, with His mercifulness, can intervene in a critical moment of hardship or despair, when you surrender your heart to your conscience – a helpless moment where you seek guidance from within or as a generous call to someone who was never attentive to their conscience before.

“The Call of the LORD” can be initiated by calling to the ALMIGHTY directly at any time and asking in sincerity for guidance in your behavior, thereby assembling your “Power Matrix.”

The “Power Matrix” is a guideline of meaningful behavior and actions throughout our lifetime. It is achieved in two stages. In the first stage, you decide on your visionary culture (purpose, values, mission, vision, and rituals) that will later help you shape your workplace culture in the second stage. These meaningful identities are characterized mainly by seeking beneficial-knowledge, innovative, spiritual in nature and connected to its CREATOR and useful to his creation (our brothers). Being useful occurs as we propagate the right heavenly economic knowledge and the needed monetary help from the excess resources that GOD has gratified to us. This way we can achieve our individual and collective well-being.

Re-visualizing Your Current Paradigm and Why to Pursue Your Visionary “ONEness of Purpose” Verity:

The earlier you experience “The Call of LORD,” the longer time you can enjoy the benefits thereafter. You become more productive as you engage in collaborative activities and more enthusiastic about your future. You will feel better about yourself, your senses, emotions, life choices. Most importantly, you won’t be wasting life in purposeless cultural myopia, plagued with shortsightedness, achieving synthetic Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), and fabricated illusionary self-centered culture #Maslow outlined in his pyramid as a sign of success.

The corporate reward system designed for KPI achievers and those in the top of the hierarchy is mainly monetary, vacation hours, or overseas training – none of which give moral guidelines to the preferable way to utilize the money, or time, imposing no restrictions on their behaviors.

The beauty of the Power Matrix is that it will enable you to enjoy your diligent work in the workplace and gain a sense that you’re giving to your colleagues and caring for your partners (consumers in the current paradigm) and this is reciprocated by them as well. Your enjoyment will not be tied to your performance appraisal at the end of the year. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor daily.

Final Note:

The word “Visionary” has been used two times in this article, once to describe the idea originator of the smartphones mainly seeking myopia maximized profits without thinking of visionary purpose. The second time it has been used in the context of our framework seeking to optimize your soul enjoyment in this world and the afterlife. This is to show that the same fancy word can be used for entirely different purposes; thus, you must be attentive to your conscience, alert to what your eyes see and read, what your ears hear, and what your tongue speaks. The aggregation of these organs’ behavior impact, whether for visionary culture or the myopia culture, affect the strength of your heart. You need your engine to be as healthy as possible to achieve your ‘Call of LORD.’

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