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The Oneness of Purpose: A Human of Honor (1/2)

At some point in everyone’s life, there is a moment of deep thinking. “Where am I now?” “What led me to be in this situation?” At the particular moment when these thoughts occur, memories, emotions, come from our hearts – not our minds (as we tend to believe). In this very special moment, you receive […]

Workplace Policies vs The Creator’s rules

Each one of us accepted numerous human imperfect governance systems such as Parents and school rules, Capitalism and Democracy, etc.. So why can we accept these rules throughout our lives, but when it comes to the rules given to us by Our Creator, people seem incapable of following them?

Morals and Ethics in the Workplace: Be a Wise, Satisfied Person (2/2)

The escalating personal debt levels is causing distress, anxiety and creates unnecessary burden. Moreover, falling into debt is considered immoral and violates the heavenly revelations. You represent the demand side for financing, and following The creator moral commandments will elevate this burden

Cooperative Responsibility: A New Business Model

Do you feel satisfied with your current utilitarian lifestyle and feeling stressed from your accumulating debts, working five days a week and enjoying yourself on the weekend? Or do you want to change this lifestyle to include responsible behavior in your work days which positively affect your family members, neighborhood, and childhood friends? Life shouldn’t only be about “Me”. Wouldn’t you be more content if you changed life to be about “we”, for the ones we love and care for?