Ethically Yours…

This is one of my favorite quotes: "Make the right choices, for the right reasons, and the right things will happen"─ Charles Glassman, MD Coach

Wish you a life full of right choices! Ethically Yours, Ahmed Aref

Initially, I followed the conventional wisdom that says, graduate and work in multinationals, earn a professional qualification, and boom. You're set for the rest of your life (What's is in it for me approach)! Years down the line, I wasn't enjoying myself, my financial career, or corporate culture. I started my exploration journey to identify what is not working well for me and others to have a better relationship at work.

I learned and read a lot and discovered my sense of direction, core values, and life purpose. All helped me realize that I need to pursue meaning and impact in my career and evolve my work purpose. I realized that l need to shift my career from being a financial advisor. Instead, I found my values directing me towards values-based Executive coaching and meaningful leadership development and creating high-trust workplace culture.

The most admirable brand that satisfies my work purpose is People Acuity (A leadership development consulting firm). I've also founded my startup (CorpoCure Ltd.) to put my values into action in my second part in life, and willing to partner with others who want to live up to their values.