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Morals. Innovation. Economic Value Creation.

Morals: The universal needs, values, and principles that prevent the owner/leader from using charisma for self-serving purposes and motivate you to balance “We” with “Me.”

Innovation: It happens when you’re empathetic about the unmet and unarticulated needs of the people around you. A curious mindset about people’s talents will help to elevate relationships to the results/profit level.

Economic Value Creation (Wealth ++): The achievement of wealth preservation and wealth creation, reputation and branding, meaningful life and meaningful work, and fairness to communities and stewardship of resources.

corporate CPR

Empowers you to be a better corporate leader and offers a roadmap to help you achieve this throughout your workday. By implementing a humanship business model which satisfies all internal and external stakeholders, you can create an impact on your community.

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